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Rinn Tofukuji KamogawaKyoto life with style


Tofukuji Kamogawa

Kyoto life with style

Located at a four-minute-walk from Tofukuji station,
a traditional townhouse inn Rinn Tofukuji Kamogawa opened beside the Kamogawa River.
The interior of the house was stylishly designed while representing Kyoto to match the building with black as its base color.
Subdued dark colors are used for the tables and curtains.
The rooms are decorated with traditional handicrafts such as lamps designed by
Isamu Noguchi, Kyoto printed silk, Raku ware, and paper-sliding doors.
Maple and leopard plant grow in the courtyard that you can view from the Japanese-style room on the first floor.
The leaves of the maple turn red in fall and the leopard plant bears large yellow flowers.
You can also watch the courtyard from the bathroom. Relax and refresh yourself with a bath.
The Japanese-style room has cushions and legless chairs, but we also have chairs and tables in the corridor
next to the Japanese-style room for guests not used to sitting on the floor.
You will enjoy sitting in a chair and watching the courtyard while drinking tea.
The Kyoto printed silk on the wall of the alcove on the second floor is one of the traditional crafts in Kyoto,
and dyed paintings used to be soaked in the Kamogawa River to produce vivid colors.
The vase with large Tu Fu Ling lively is Raku ware, traditional Japanese earthenware.
Explore the guest house after getting some rest.
Popular restaurants and coffee shops line the road leading to Tofukuji Temple from the inn.
Eat dumplings and roasted chestnuts on the way to the temple to enjoy the magnificent view reflecting each season.
The Keihan Main Line and JR Nara Line running from the Tofukuji Station facilitate traveling to other tourist spots.
You can enjoy sightseeing around Rinn Tofukuji Kamogawa or relax and take a stroll around Tofukuji Temple.
Enjoy your own traveling style.


Floor plan

  • Capacity : 5 people
  • Room size : 56.4㎡ 
  • Number of beds : Single×2, Futon×3


  • Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Shower
  • Television
  • Bathtub
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • Electronic bidet toilet
  • Washing machine
  • Microwave
  • Telephone


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Bath towel
  • Face towel
  • Hairbrush
  • Razor
  • Oral care kit
  • Ladies` toiletries
  • Toilet paper
  • Indoor slippers
  • Yukata or Samue (Japanese casual clothing)


Rinn Tofukuji Kamogawa

16-22 Fukuine Kakimoto-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi 605-0985

Area information

Nearest spots
・Tofukuji station(0.4 km)
・Daihizan Hossho Temple(0.45 km)
・Taikō-an(0.55 km)
・Ritsukyokuan(0.7 km)
Popular spots
・Kettle of Goemon Ishikawa(0.4 km)
・Daihizan Hossho Temple(0.45 km)
・Taikō-an(0.55 km)
・Ritsukyokuan(0.7 km)
Restaurant & Market
・Cafe Jantary(0.15 km)
・(Pork cutlet restaurant) Hujito(0.2 km)
・Gaya-Gaya(0.45 km)
・(Soba noodle restaurant)Tanbaya(0.3 km)
・(Hot plate grill restaurant)Azuki(0.45 km)
・(Meat dish restaurant) Yakiniku kimura(0.45 km)


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