Rinn Official App “KYOTO Navi”

We released Rinn’s official app “KYOTO Navi” on April 1st.

KYOTO Navi is an easy-to-use free search application offering information about Japanese cultural experiences, good restaurants, fun night spots, famous tourist spots in Kyoto.

Enjoy convenient journey in Kyoto!


Kyo-machiya tour for free

We had  a kyo-machiya tour at Rinn Nishiwakamatsu on June 7th.

10 students and teachers from Kyoto International School joined this time.

They looked like they were so interested in learning about Inuyarai and Sho-ki san.


Rinn Miyagawa-cho Tsubaki and Rinn Gion Nawate have opened.

In April 2018, Rinn Miyagawa-cho Tsubaki, a one-story town house inn and Rinn Gion Nawate opened in Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City. In collaboration with an old costumier in Kyoto, the guest houses provide their guests with the opportunity to get dressed in a kimono in their room and visit tourist spots. Have your picture taken dressed as a courtesan or turn yourself into Ryoma Sakamoto or Ryo Narasaki and take a stroll around Higashiyama Ward.