Kyoto-style machiya residence explained

“Machiya” was built as a residence.
Its beauty and user friendly were polished and devised in long history.
The charm of”Kyo-Machiya”has been accumulated from the Heian period since the capital was transferred to Kyoto.
We hope that you understand the charm of”Kyo-machiya”

What is “Kyo-Machiya”?

Traditional building of merchant house in Kyoto

Kyo-machiya is a traditional wooden building style seen in the city of Kyoto.
It is a residence that can run both daily life and business in the same building.
In Kyoto city definition, It is said that ” It was built before 1950 in a traditional wooden shaft assembly method”.
However, there are several definiti­ons and there is no unified view.


Eel Bedding

What is the meaning of long and narrow sp­ace that hard is hard to live?

Kyo-machiya built in elongated site is called “Eel Bedding”, features are narrow frontage and deep depth. It is said that narrow frontage is the way to reduce the tax which had been decided by the size of the frontage.In Edo period or it tried to increase the number of shops facing the street and make the street crowd. Windows in front of Kyo-machiya have wooden grid and there is a Japanese traditional garden. Normally, main window is decorated with wooden grid and there is a Japanese courtyard in the center. You can see the relationsh­ip between our predecessors and residence from function and beauty of each space.


Climate of Kyoto

Summer is muggy, Winter is chilled.

Because Kyoto is a basin,it is famous for being muggy in sum­mer and chilled in winter. “Kyomachiya” with a depth is a spa­ce where you can see the ingenuity of taking advantage of its structure and taking in the flow of the wind into the house d­ue to the temperature difference from the hot and humid sum­mer by arranging the garden in the middle. Because of the re­ason, inevitably, it made a disadvantage that cold wind passes through.


“Machiya” building

The scent of wood and rush that Kyo-machiya have.

The newly built, renovated Kyomachiya has a new tree and tatami fragrance. Especially, “lgusa” of tatami mat raw mat­erial has many ingredients which is the same ingredients as herbal medicine and it is said that there are comfort and rel­axation effect. The smell of “Hinoki” which is the wall of bath­room also has relaxation effect and it is said that it’s same e­ffect as forest bathing.


The structure of MACHIYA(appearance)


Type of accommodation

Lodging area


nearest station

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