Rinn Shirakawa South

Rinn Shirakawa South

A relaxing lodgings where you can experience the atmosphere and culture of Kyoto

Located in the middle of Higashiyama's tourist destinations and in a luxurious space leading to Gion, yet also letting you enjoy the traditional local atmosphere here at the nearby shopping district.
The Shirakawa River flows in the immediate vicinity of the hotel, and a signature Kyoto landscape with the atmosphere of days gone by can be seen throughout, with beautiful greenery from the willows.
The small raised tatami mat area creates the feel of a tea room, and the lobby lets you get up close with the natural environs.
All 11 guest rooms feature spacious tatami mat spaces and can accommodate up to 5 people.
Notably, the guest rooms on the top floor are luxuriously designed such that you can see the greenery of the balcony from the guest room or bathing area.
We hope you will relax and unwind in your guest room or in the lobby.
Artwork featuring the willows emblematic of Shirakawa accents the subdued Japanese space and imparts a touch of color.
After enjoying a stroll around town or sightseeing, the simple, subdued Kyoto-style decor and spacious interior will let you relax and unwind from your trip.

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Facilities explained

Facilities overview

11 rooms 50 people
Standard twin 31.02㎡
Superior twin  36.13㎡
Superior double  36.37㎡
Standard double 31.55㎡
Deluxe twin  70.6㎡


  • Safety box
  • Television
  • Bathtub
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • Electronic bidet toilet
  • Electric kettle
  • Telephone
  • Coin laundry


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Shower gel
  • Bath towel
  • Face towel
  • Hairbrush
  • Razor
  • Oral care kit
  • Nightwear

Our focus

  • Facilities with microwave
  • smoking rooms in the lobby
  • coin laundry
  • manga rental
  • Within 5 minutes on foot from the station

Location and directions

Rinn Shirakawa South

509 Tsutsumicho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Japan,〒605-0025

nearest station

  • Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line
  • Sanjo Station on the Keihan Main Line



Type of accommodation

Lodging area


nearest station

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